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Cast light onto your film


Faster, easier, better

VALOI 360 is a film holder system for all analog photographers, with great tools available for all price-levels.

The device is compatible with most of the films available on the market - from  35mm to 6x9 medium format, while keeping your film safe from damage. The design is modular and allows you to start small and build it out as you expand your knowledge.  

All you need to get your film scanned is a light source and a digital camera. 

The great design and durability is included in the price.

Designed for Photographers

Everyone deserves a quality product to digitize your film, whether you are a professional photographer or

a hobbyist, we make products that help you to make your work everlasting.
The VALOI 360 system will help you scan your images with high quality while also saving time and money. Invest into the system and let it grow with you and your needs.


Our Goals

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Picture: A. Båsmo, Scanned on VALOI

We want to make shooting film more accessible by making it cheaper, easier and better. Creating great products that support analogue photography and instructional content that teaches a new generation of analogue photographers, is part of our core.

Our scanning tools were designed to be modular, efficient, long-lasting and provide excellent results, and we invite you to learn about home scanning from us.  

“Valoi” is a Finnish word meaning light and creation - a nod to our Nordic background and to the creativity of analogue photography.


Take part!

Are you ready to jump on a new level of film scanning?
The crowdfunding campaign over on Kickstarter ended with over 100 000€ and over 800 backers, achieving about 150% of its ambitious goal. We are now working hard to finish production. Products are now shipping! Click on the button below to learn more.

If you’d like to start with smaller steps, you can also get single pieces of the system. The 35mm and 120 medium format holders are sold separately and are fully functional on their own. Regardless of your budget, treat yourself to great quality!

More to come…


We are already hard at working on more products to support the resurgence of film photography.

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