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This camera scanning setup is the size of a water bottle

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Pro scns in minutes

Professional scans in minutes

Both the flexible VALOI 360 system and the compact VALOI easy35 system are capable of producing professional-grade scans in minutes by combining the quality of modern digital cameras with the speed of a purpose-designed film holder system.


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What is camera scanning?

Scanning at home can be quick and easy by using your digital camera and a macro lens to make a high quality digital reproduction of your film.

After using a homemade contraption of anti-newton glass, a Kaiser light box, and a custom made wooden thingamabob for holding it all, I thought "there has to be a better way." Turns out that there is: The VALOI negative carrier, transport mechanism and little light source have made the entire camera scanning process much quicker and much less fiddly... 

Egor, Canada

Benefits of camera scanning

By taking a picture of your film using a digital camera in controlled conditions using a backlight, you can get a cleaner and sharper image than with a traditional scanner in a fraction of the time.

Get more out of your film - enjoy film more by spending less time scanning.

  • Higher quality

  • Modular to your needs

  • Newer digital technology

  • Faster

  • Less wasteful

  • Compact

Benefis of camera scanning

Faster, easier, better

VALOI produces film holder systems for all analog photographers, with great tools available for all price-levels.

Scanning at home is no longer hard or time-consuming. With our products and expertise you will learn to scan film at home in a matter of hours. Take control of your process and save money while doing it.

Our Goals

Picture: A. Båsmo, Scanned on VALOI

We want to make shooting film fun and easy with great products and instructional content that empowers and teaches a new generation of analogue photographers.

Our scanning tools were designed to be modular, efficient, long-lasting and provide excellent results, and we invite you to learn about home scanning from us.  

“Valoi” is a Finnish word meaning light and creation - a nod to our Nordic background and to the creativity of analogue photography.

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It is a simple, well engineered, easy to use and sturdy system. The answer to many of my prayers!

- Joaquim, Spain (VALOI 360 Customer)

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