Adapting the Raleno 104 for scanning

The Raleno PLV-104S is a great light source to couple with the Valoi products for scanning film with your digital camera. However, it has two major problems that we need to solve before using it:

  1. It does not sit flat because of the adjustment knobs on the back

  2. It is slightly too small for the Advancer - the feet will have to balance on the edges

While Valoi is bringing out an adapter to make the Raleno 104 stable when using it for scanning, that adapter is not quite ready. However, we still recommend you buy the Raleno 104 instead of another light source so you don't have to buy another light source to get the optimal set-up once the adapter is released, therefore we have figured out a way to re-purpose the box that the light comes in. Follow the simple steps below to convert the box into a nice adapter for your light:


You will need a blade sharp enough to cut thin cardboard, and a surface you can cut on.