The 120 Holder lifts from the Advancer when the Duster is used.

This is a known problem and will be fixed in future revisions. The easiest solution is to put a finger ontop of the back of the holder when advacning. This ensure that the Holder stays in place and resolves issues with framing or focus.

The Film Holder lifts out of the Advancer

This can happen if the film is very stiff, curly or if using the Duster with the 120 Holder. We are aware of these problems and will work towards fixes in future versions. While advancing film, we recommend you put a finger on the back of the holder to keep it from moving.

The Holder moves on the table

Attach the included rubber dome
Put slight pressure on the film holder when moving film

Patches of colour shift or low contrast

Reflections: Turn off the lights in the room you are scanning and shade your negative from light outside your scanning light source.

Uneven light or vignetting around the edge: Diffuse your light further (the VALOI Diffuser could help), or make sure you are using a light source with even lighting.

The corners of the image has a weird colour/is brighter

Lens vignetting: Try stopping the lens down further (bigger F-number), use a correction software such as that built into Lightroom or a plugin like Grain2Pixel, alternatively you have to change your lens for a different one with less vignetting (see the VALOI Gear Guide). Normal lenses (non-Macro) on extension tubes tend to have vignetting.

Blurry results/lower resolution than expected

1. Shutter vibrations (mirrorless camera): Use electronic shutter (silent shutter) if your camera has it, use electronic front curtain shutter if your camera has it 2. Shutter vibrations (DSLR): Use mirror-lockup if your camera has it 3. Lens: Change the lens for a macro lens if using normal lens + extension tubes 4. Focus: Check focus, use focus peaking and liveview magnification, focus on the largest aperture of the lens and stop down before scanning 5. Wrong aperture: Test the lens at different apertures to see what works best with your lens

Poor colours

Colour negative conversion: Use an plugin or program to convert negatives (see VALOI Gear Guide). Make sure you follow the instructions of the program/plugin you are using. Look for guides on how to use it. Test a different negative conversion program/plugin (see VALOI Gear Guide). Change your light source if using a cheap LED panel or other unsuitable light source (see VALOI Gear Guide).

The film is not flat

Extremely curly film: Use a professional lab to develop or change your drying practices. Press the film under some books for a few days Ensure that the film is seated properly in the holder. Last resort: Use a smaller (bigger number) aperture to get more depth of field (will lead to image distortion, but the image will be uniformly sharp). Going down to f/11 or f/16 will give you less sharpness but will help you scan a curly piece of film.

The film is not square when scanned (misalignment)

Your camera and film is not parallel: Align them perfectly by adjusting your copy stand or adjusting the levelling feet on the Film Advancer (use Mirror Trick (see VALOI Technique Guide)).

Software failing to stitch images when doing several captures of the same frame

Too little overlap: Use more overlap in your frame, 1/3 overlap is a good aim. Strong lens vignetting: See further up Camera and film not parallel: See further up on alignment