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How to scan your film with DSLR?

Were you a pro or a casual film photographer -or there is closets full of negatives and slides, scanning them with a digital camera is an great option.  DSLR scanning ables great results to be achieved fast and easy. Beginning to use this method of scanning does not require vast investments  towards something that will be old in few years - like more traditional flat bed scanners. Every VALOI products is designed to last the bite of time and work seamlessly together. If you have slides, 35mm or 120 negatives, VALOI has something for you. VALOI is being part the future of film scanning and in bringing film scanning available to everyone.

Scan you negatives quick and easy


To put it simple, scanning your negatives with digital camera is literally taking photos of the negatives. The method is simple, easy to learn and it ables you to have the flexibility and perks of modern digital files.  The RAW format makes it possible to adjust almost every aspect of a photo from exposure all the way to HSL-adjustment. This is a great asset to have when adjusting photos after the scanning.  On top of that the scanning process is quick. Scanning a roll of 35mm film takes everything from 35 up to 120 minutes. With VALOI on the other hand the whole process takes only 7-15 minutes. The time saved will only multiply when scanning multiple rolls of film. 

The Scanning process


  1. Set your camera on sturdy stand. This is to prevent any camera shaking to affect on the image quality and to keep the camera in parallel towards the negative. 

  2. Adjust the frame so that the negative covers as much as possible of it. This way the quality is the highest the camera can produce. 

  3. Set the file type in RAW. This will able the files to be tweaked afterwards without loosing quality or damaging the image.

  4. Import the photos into FilmLab or Negative Lab Pro and let those take care of the conversion for you.


Can you scan slides and dia frames?

Scanning slides with VALOI works great! The scanning process is almost identical when scanning slides. The extra step of conversion can be left out as there is no need for that. Slides will be scanned with the same great quality as film negatives. VALOI´s Slide products enables slides to be scanned at least 2 times faster and the Slide Basket will keep the Slides in neat stack ready to be archived. 

Negative conversion service


If the negative conversion feel intimidating and unapproachable  we are glad to help. Just send us your scans and we will take care of the conversion.

  • 0.18€ per frame

  • Add 0.02€ per frame we´ll deliver also the TIFF-files

  • 1-2 week delivery time

  • Scan your negatives with the provided instructions. 

  • Example photos: If the scanning process is not familiar or it just feels difficult, send us some photos for a free review. We will take a look that everything looks correct before scanning more. 

  • Send us the files through Dropbox, Google Drive or some other service of choice. 

  • We will covert the negatives into positives. 

  • We´ll deliver the high resolution JPEG-files through WeTransfer-link.​

    • Possibilty to have the TIFF-files also​

  • We´ll delete the photos from our archives after 10 days after the delivery confirmation to make protect your privacy.

Film coversion service

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Contact us

The recommended kit


If there is something that we can help with, do not hesitate to contact us. We´ll happily help with anything related to film scanning.

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