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Film Scanning can be fun and easy

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Scanning film using a digital camera can be up to four times faster and can be easier than traditional film scanners. You don't need high-end equipment to make great scans - and it can all be done at home. Our products help you make the process smooth and consistent, and they are long-lasting of high-quality and modular. VALOI products will still be in use decades from now.


Benefits of Camera Scanning

  • ​Up to 4x faster than traditional scanners

  • Higher quality scans at home

  • Flexible setup for different needs
  • Compact design

  • Save money on labs


What is Camera Scanning?

This video covers the basics of camera scanning with comprehensive detail of the whole process. In addition to this, the video tells you what kind of equipment you always need, from camera to the stand.  You will also get an overview of the negative conversion process and comparing the results to a high-end dedicated scanner. 

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Scan Film with your Digital Camera

  1. Place the camera on a sturdy tripod or stand

  2. Take a picture of the film in the VALOI holder

  3. Open the file in dedicated negative conversion software like Negative Lab Pro or Filmlab and make your adjustments before saving

Scanning film with a digital camera is easy. Essentially, you take a picture of the film with the camera and a close-focusing lens. The result is a digital file with the flexibility of modern digital sensors. The digital negative is then converted to a positive using FilmLab software with no loss of detail or quality. VALOI products are completely modular, so you will always find the right solution for your needs.

Get help with your scanning!

Do you need help with proofing your scans, setting up or converting your negatives? Reach out to us by email to get help from one of our knowledge staff members. We can help you diagnose problems or find the right workflow for you.

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Read more about camera scanning

Scanning film with a digital camera is easy and can be done at home, giving you full control of the process. You can find more information about the process behind the "read more" button.

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