Regarding the shipping delays of normal pre-orders through our webstore 

As you can imagine, bringing a new product to market as a completely new company is hard work and takes time. Luckily, things are now starting to come together - we have taken delivery of almost all the piece of the puzzle and have started shipping. Having coordinated this for months, it is really satisfying to have it all come together.

Our stock arriving at the office is, however, only the first step towards shipping. We had initially hoped to be shipping Kickstarter orders during the end of May, as originally said on the listings on our webstore, but delays in communicating with our manufacturers means that we are behind on shipping. However, we have already shipped over 100 orders from the Kickstarter.

In total, we have roughly 1000 orders, containing at least 3000 individual boxes and items. Each one of these has to be carefully quality-controlled and packaged by hand here in Finland, by a small team. We have set up a brisk pace, but naturally, it is going to take some time to ship out all the orders. We will start from the top of the list, with the earliest Kickstarter Backers who ordered back in December, and then work our way through the list, right up until the people who ordered on the last day of Batch #1 pre-sales. 

Currently, we expect to continue shipping Kickstarter orders in June, then get to the pre-orders on our webstore in July. We will get back with an estimate about when your package is shipping once we have gotten through the initial flurry of setting up.

We hope you understand the reason for the delay and look forward to shipping your order out. Once it is shipped you will get a confirmation by email and text with your tracking code - shipping times are usually very quick with DHL Express, so once you get that confirmation, it should only be a matter of days.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, feel free to email Arild at

The Valoi Team