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Adapting the Raleno 104 for scanning

The Raleno PLV-104S is a great light source to couple with the Valoi products for scanning film with your digital camera. However, it has two major problems that we need to solve before using it:

  1. It does not sit flat because of the adjustment knobs on the back

  2. It is slightly too small for the Advancer - the feet will have to balance on the edges

While Valoi is bringing out an adapter to make the Raleno 104 stable when using it for scanning, that adapter is not quite ready. However, we still recommend you buy the Raleno 104 instead of another light source so you don't have to buy another light source to get the optimal set-up once the adapter is released, therefore we have figured out a way to re-purpose the box that the light comes in. Follow the simple steps below to convert the box into a nice adapter for your light:

Adapting the Raleno 104

You will need a blade sharp enough to cut thin cardboard, and a surface you can cut on. A ruler and a pencil can be helpful but is not required.

First, take everything out of the box and put it aside. You should be left with these two pieces of cardboard: the main outer box and an insert.

_DSC9477export LINES.jpg
_DSC9479export LINES.jpg

Now you want to cut holes that line up with the on-button on the back of the Raleno. You can measure out the hole based on where the button is on the back, but you can also eye-ball it.
Start by cutting the insert (the bottom box in the picture above), and cut the hole roughly in the location on the picture. It is easier to find the right spot if you look at the already pre-cut round cutouts.

Once you have done that, put the insert in the main box, line it up in the middle and use a pencil to mark the outline of the hole you just cut, on the bottom of the main box. You should now have two aligned holes - try putting your light into the box and turning it on and off - adjust the hole if it is off.


Cutting a hole for the power cable

Now place the Raleno in the box and notice where the power cable hole is on the side. Mark that with a pencil and cut - you will need to make one slit in the inner sleeve and the one hole in the outer box as seen in the below picture.

_DSC9476export LINES.jpg

Now stick the cable through to test.

The top hole for light to pass through

Now close the box completely and place the light upside down on top of the box. Center the light on the box and scribe a line around the outline of the light so you know where it sits. 


Take off the light and cut a hole about 1-2cm (1/2") smaller than the line you just scribed. This is important so that your Valoi has enough space to sit on. It is easier to cut if you open the lid fully and turn the box upside down, so you have your lid resting right on top of your cutting surface. In the image below you can see the scribe line faintly and the red line outlining the hole you want to cut.



_DSC9481export LINES.jpg

Assemble the box back together with the Raleno inside. Don't forget to thread the cable through before you close it, and make sure you set the knobs on the back to full power - you should not have to ever adjust them from that setting.



_DSC9476export LINES.jpg
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