Camera Scanning

Photo: A. Båsmo, Scanned on VALOI

Camera scanning is the process of photographing a piece of film using a digital camera. This is a great alternative to scanning using a traditional scanner because you get to take advantage of modern digital technology.

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Photo: A. Båsmo, Scanned on VALOI

Did you know?

Camera scanning is closely based on the process of re-photographing images, a process that has been done since the very first photographs and that was very common until the onset of digital scanners.

It is commonly know as reproduction.

How does it work?



Place our holder on-top of a light source. Point a camera from above, down onto the film.


Take a picture of your film, making a digital copy of it.


Insert film into our holder. Keeping dust and stray light out.


If your film is negative, convert it using a tool like FilmLab or Negative Lab Pro.


Use a lens that can focus close and focus on the film. 

Save and Share

Save your precious images and share them with friends online. 

Want more details?

There are many good videos out there showing camera scanning. We recommend this one by Analog Resurgence, particularly because it takes the perspective of someone new to camera scanning.