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Valoi Gear Guide

Get the best scans for the lowest price by learning from our experience.

To get you started you will need a few essential items in addition to a VALOI Holder: A digital camera (or a phone) with a close-focusing lens, a light source, and, preferably, a copy stand. 

The Weakest Part

Always keep in mind that a scanning system is only as good as its weakest part - therefore it is important to consider if changing one part of it will actually improve the quality without also upgrading another part. For example, many people use good cameras but fail to recognize the importance of a good lens. 

Feel free to click through the categories and look at the price-ranges that work for you. If you run into problems or you are struggling to make up your mind, please message us on Instagram or send us an email at for personal help.

Keep in mind that the prices listed are usually referring to the used market cost on the European market in 2021. When buying used we always recommend you buy from a proper store, such as our partner Kamerastore (where you can also buy everything VALOI), MPB or KEH instead of for example eBay.


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