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Where to Buy

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Direct from us

Ships world-wide from Finland

Our direct webstore is through Kamerastore who ship world-wide. You can go straight there using the button below.

For customer service, please contact


United States

In the US, VALOI products can be purchased from Cinestill, as our official distributor in the US, and eventual retailers of products they carry.


You can find the Cinestill webstore by clicking the button below:


United Kingdom

First Call Photographic specialises in analogue photography and provides a wide range of unique products. Customers can easily place orders online and have them shipped or pick them up from their Taunton warehouse.

You can find the First Call Photographic webstore by clicking the button below:



Fotoimpex in Germany carry VALOI products both in store and online. 

You can find the Fotoimpex webstore by clicking the button below:


Norway - Norge

Fotoimport i Norge fører VALOI produkter i sin nettbutikk til omtrent samme pris som våre Euro-prisen, men uten høye frakt- og import-kostnader.


Du finner dem ved å trykke på knappen under:



CyberPhoto sells VALOI products in their excellent webstore, in SEK.


You can find them by clicking the button below:



Photo Cluster sells VALOI products, they are a gallery, art-and coffee shop with a deep focus on photography and full equipped photo studio and darkroom


You can find them by clicking the button below:

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