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The Valoi 360 System 

Our goal is for everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of camera scanning. We designed the Valoi products under the 360 name to be compatible as a modular system so that the user could get the functionality they need while keeping costs down but not skimping on quality and speed.


Starting at just 39€, our entry-level is available to everyone. However, if you are a more advanced user, we also have what you need to get scans that are perfectly lit, dust-free and perfectly parallel. Our system has already expanded from the initial line-up at launch and will continue to grow with useful tools for your scanning needs.

Do you scan weird formats? No problem! We are designing holders for low-volume manufacturing meant to accommodate niche formats such as sprocket-scanning of 35mm without breaking the bank or buying a whole new system. All our holders will be compatible with the Advancer and the accessories. 


Choose to invest in our system and grow as a photographer along with our product line-up. Scroll down to see the current products in our line-up!


Speed and quality

Even our most basic offering, the 35mm Holder is an advanced piece of design. Unlike other designs where you have to open a holder, put in one strip, then close the holder and scan, our design lets you simply drag the film through without the risk of damage. This speeds up scanning significantly!

Scan a roll of film as quickly as in 2 minutes, while benefiting from the S-curved track keeping your film super-flat. 



While most holders on the market, including some of the more expensive ones, have a 3D printed track or is cut from acrylic sheets, our two basic holders are injection moulded - the same process used to make almost all high-quality plastic products. This process makes it possible to make smoother and tighter tracks that grip the film better, while also being extremely dureable. Scale is the secret to making a quality product affordable.

The Advancer is made from a steel frame with a thick layer of powder coat-paint, with custom steel axles and two custom machined aluminium knobs. The rollers are user-replaceable, and the kit should last you a lifetime if maintained properly. 

We put your money into functional design and believe that quality and design on the inside makes for a beautiful functionalist design on the outside.

Use on their own or with our Valoi Advancer, they are the perfect entry-point for trying out camera scanning and for those already committed. Get started with our holders for as little as 39€.

Valoi Products



Use on their own or with our Valoi Advancer, they are the perfect entry-point for trying out camera scanning and for those already committed. Get started with our holders for as little as 39€. 

The double S-curved and precision-engineered track keep your film flat, and the matte surface and built-in internal angles keep reflections off your scan. The design makes it quick and easy to scan film by allowing you to push film through instead of a traditional clam-shell design that requires constant opening and closing.

35mm Holder

Compatible with 35mm film of the standard 36x24 frame size, as well as with half-frame. 

120 Holder

120 2.png

Compatible with 120 medium format film and other 60mm gauge medium format film such as 220 and 620 - scan frames between 6x4.5 and 6x9, or larger with digital stitching. 



Upgrade your film scanning with the Valoi Advancer. Compatible with our two holders, this will let you advance to the next frame using a knob, allowing you to scan quicker and more precisely. Additionally, it will raise your film off the light source for more even illumination, give you leveling feet on each corner. 

Holders have to be bought separately.

Duster attachment

We all know dust is a big problem in film scanning! That's why we made a brush that screws right onto the back of our Advancer. These anti-static brushes will knock loose stuck dust and capture most of it, giving you a significantly cleaner scan.

The two brushes set against each other are fixed in a sturdy machined aluminium frame and attached to the back of the Advancer using the included thumbscrews. This is the perfect anti-dust solution for anyone with the Advancer, and could even be used without if you have a bit of DIY spirit. 


Diffuser attachment

If you are struggling with an uneven light source or you want to use a screen, such an iPad or phone as a light source this diffuser will give you that little bit of extra diffusion that you need to get an even scan. 

The diffuser has holes in each corner, allowing you to secure it right onto the bottom of our Advancer using the long threads on the feet. We also highly recommend this diffuser if you are using our Holders on their own, as they sit quite close to the light source surface.

To minimise the amount of light you lose this diffuser is not super opaque, meaning that it will not work well as the main diffuser of a powerful light source placed close to it. However, it works excellently as a secondary diffuser or a main diffuser for already even light sources that just need a bit extra, like a tablet, iPad, computer screen or phone screen. 


 Get in touch if you are unsure if this will work for your setup.

Upcoming Products

Light Adapter 104

Adapter 104 without anything.png

To make it easier and better to use one of the popular camera scanning light sources, we have made an adapter made from the same materials we made our Advancer out of and that keeps it flat on the table, has adjustable feet and that lets you screw your Advancer straight into it, making a very stable scanning platform.

The adapter will be compatible with the Raleno PLV-S104. We, therefore, recommend that you buy the Raleno PLV-S104 instead of other light panels as it is an excellent light source. That will also give you the opportunity to upgrade your setup with our Light Adapter once that is ready. 

Price: 79€

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