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Our Products

VALOI makes two different systems for camera scanning: VALOI 360 and VALOI easy35. 

The VALOI easy35 system is a compact solution for scanning 35mm film and smaller formats. It attaches easily to the front of a camera and requires very little setup to achieve excellent results.

Perfect for aspiring photographers using 35mm or anyone scanning a family archive - both will obtain the best quality with minimal effort.

The VALOI 360 system is a highly modular system capable of producing ultra high-end scans in all roll-film formats up to 120/220 medium format. Its modular design allows for a small up-front investment but with lots of possible upgrades, such as a dust brush and roller advance.


This system is perfect for photographers with many different formats to scan and who wants the absolute highest quality. 

Our products
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What is camera scanning?

Our products are made for camera scanning - the process of  using a digital camera and a macro-lens to photograph a frame of film. 

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Learn to scan whole rolls of film in minutes with our film holder system created for modern high-efficiency camera scanning.


Get the most out of your film with our researched guides to camera scanning and equipment designed with results in mind.


Save money and achieve better results at any budget by building your scanning system piece by piece. 

Made to Last

Waste less and save money doing it. Our products are made to last, with quality industrial materials and user-replaceable parts.  



Learn to scan whole rolls of film in minutes using our film holder system created for modern camera-scanning techniques.

Pull-through Design

Traditional film holders use a clam-shell design that slows down the process of scanning - fine for the analogue era of darkroom printing or film reproduction, but not for the digital era. Our system uses a pull-through design that minimises the time between each frame and maximises efficiency of your scanning.

VALOI 360 35mm Holder DSLR scanning film holder

Scan whole rolls or short strips

Our holders are optimised for scanning whole rolls but are also excellent when scanning strips as short as two frames if your film is already cut.

VALOI 360 film scanning kit for DSLR scanning


Get the most out of your film: Our Holders were created to allow modern digital technology to shine. 

Optimal Flatness

Our film holders are created with flatness in mind, absolutely crucial to getting the most out of modern digital sensors. Leading the film through the double S-curved track flattens the film without any moving parts. 

VALOI 360 camera scanning film holder

Anti-Reflective Design

Created from matte black plastic and carefully designed to avoid light reflecting back onto the film, our holders ensure a clean scan with no patchy colour casts when used correctly. 

VALOI 360 multi-format holders DSLR scanning film holder for scanning film at home


Save money and get the best results by building a system that suits your budget and needs. 

Just the Holder

Using just our Holders with the included rubber feet, you can get top-quality results for as little as 39€.

just holder.jpg

Multi-Format on a Budget


Scan the two most common formats of film with our 35mm Holder and 120 Holder, and add our Diffuser for extra even light, all for under 100€.

justholders 3.jpg

Upgrade Stability and Efficiency

Place our Holders in the VALOI Advancer and get adjustable rubber feet, film-advancing knobs, and a raised platform for extra light diffusion, all in one sturdy steel frame. The Advancer is compatible with all our holders and ties together the multi-format system.

stabillity and efficiency 2.jpg

Grow with us

Get the whole system and expand as we bring out more products for the same system, such as our Duster, or our upcoming light-source solution - all made to integrate with existing products. 

grow with us.jpg
Made to Last

Made to Last

Waste less and save money doing it. Our products are made to last, with high-quality, industrial materials and user-replaceable parts.  


Made with injection moulded, high-quality plastic parts and steel components, our products are made to last. 


User-Replaceable Parts

Our designs are effective, yet simple, and made to have user-replaceable parts, because we believe that you have the right to repair your things with original parts. All instructions on assembly and replacement are detailed in the Getting Started Guide, which is available here on the website and as a physical copy with your purchase.

Extra parts are available upon request from

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VALOI Webstore

All our products are available through our partner Kamerastore.

For Customer Support, please contact us directly at


Scanning Slides with VALOI 360

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