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All VALOI products, produced and marketed by Kameratori Oy, Finland, come with a 2-year warranty or with the minimum length warranty required by law local to the sale, whichever is longer. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects, missing parts or cases where the quality or performance of the product does not live up to the standards of the product. The warranty is valid from the day of purchase, and can be transferred to a third party if documentation of the original sale is available.

In the case of the above mentioned issues, Kameratori Oy or its representatives will strive to repair the product, else replace it or reimburse the customer in full, cancelling the sale.

Kameratori Oy will not replace or refund the customer for damage on the product caused by the customer. It will also not offer refunds in cases where the customer has not followed the instructions provided by Kameratori Oy or its representatives to achieve the advertised result, or where the customers additional equipment or target material is not of sufficient quality to achieve such results.


All claims must be delivered in writing by email or letter to Kameratori Oy.


Address: Erkkilänkatu 11 B, PMK-talo, 7. krs, 33100 Tampere, Finland.

The customer has the right to take the conflicts between the seller to the Consumer Dispute Board to be solved. Before this the the customer must contact the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. If a disclosure is not found in these negotiations, the customer can take the dispute to the District Court of the sellers city.

Customers who purchase VALOI products through resellers are subject to local regulation on conflicts.

In the event of disputes arising from purchases within the European Union, customers are instructed to initiate conflict resolution by filing a complaint through the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform.


VALOI is a registered trademark under EU regulation belonging to Kameratori Oy, Finland. Certain products are also registered design patents under EU and US design patent regulation. For more information on both trademark and patents related to VALOI, please see:

Expected Results

Expected results

Your results may vary based on your additional equipment, the film being digitised and skill of the operator. It is important to follow instructions provided by VALOI and to keep in mind inherent limitations of film material, reproduction techniques and your own equipment.

VALOI under Kameratori Oy is not responsible for any damage or losses due to misuse of our products.

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