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Cheap with Fewer Compromises

Estimated Cost: 75-110€


This option allows for much fewer compromises, primarily because you get the good Sony liveview, making it much easier to check focus. The higher resolution is also nice for scanning medium format. This category essentially gets you most of the way there to amazing camera scanning, and you might consider stopping with this category and instead investing more in a lens or a light. Note that the NEX-5 has a lower resolution sensor than the 5N (14mp vs 16mp) - both are good options.


Better detail

These cameras have higher resolution than the ones in the previous categories (around 16MP). The Fujifilm cameras also have an electronic shutter option, giving less vibration and more sharp detail in the scans.

Better ergonomics

These all have articulating (moving) screens on the back with higher resolution, making for better and easier focusing and framing


In addition, they have similar Pros as the previous category. Read more about those HERE


Lower image quality (than the next cateogory)

The sensors in this category are still on the older side, with more digital noise and less dynamic range than newer sensors. The Fujifilm X-A2 and X-A10 are probably the best of the lot in terms of this. This is most important when scanning slide film - so if you do, you might want to consider a more modern sensor. 

No tethering

None of these cameras will tether to a computer. This means you have to take out the memory card every time you want your scans onto your computer. Some of them do have WiFi tethering, but it is in our opinion not an adequate option. Mirrorless manufacturers have generally done this to up-sell their more expensive models, so it is mostly there that you find this feature, starting with the Fujifilm X-T2 and the Sony a6300.


If this is critical to you and you are willing to sacrifice some quality, then a Canon or Nikon DSLR around this price range will have tethering.

Suggested Cameras

In order of priority

Fujifilm X-A2 - Fujifilm X-A10 - Fujifilm X-A1 - Sony Nex-5N - Sony Nex-5

All these cameras are comparable in terms of sensor quality, but the Fujifilm cameras have an electronic shutter option, giving them the potential for higher quality scans while also reducing mechanical wear on the camera.

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