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How to Level your DSLR Scanning Setup? Making your film and sensor parallel

When you're scanning film, it is important to make sure your camera sensor is aligned with the film to avoid wonky corners. This is a major issue with camera scanning systems, so you have to take care of it. To get a final scan with perfect corners, align your camera sensor and film parallel to each other. And make sure neither plane is slanted, otherwise, one side of the image is gonna be out of focus.

We'd like to share a tip with you on how to achieve perfect scans with minimal adjustments every time. Check out our video below, where Arild, our founder, talks about the "Mirror Trick" using the VALOI Levelling Mirror. We have updated the mirror design a bit, so be sure to check it out. If you don't have one of ours yet, you can use a small, completely flat mirror. A cheap makeup mirror removed from its frame is usually sufficient.

1. Get your setup ready for scanning, then place the mirror on top of your VALOI Holder.

2. When you turn on your camera, it will see itself in the mirror. Adjust the image so the front of the lens is in focus.

3. Align the middle of the lens aperture (the small 'hole' in the lens) with the centre of your screen or viewfinder. If your camera has a grid, turn it on so you can locate the centre. Make adjustments as needed, and use the rubber feet to ensure everything is parallel.

Once the middle of your screen and the middle of your aperture are aligned, you'll know that your camera is pointing straight down. At this point, you can focus the camera back on the film and continue getting ready to scan. We recommend checking the alignment of your camera and holder for each scanning session to ensure the best results.


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