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The difference between VALOI 360 and VALOI easy35

Since its release earlier this year, our easy35 has revolutionised camera scanning, making it much more accessible and affordable to achieve high-quality scans of film, overcoming common barriers to camera scanning. Our goal was to create a product that is user-friendly and doesn't require specialised equipment or expertise, and we believe that this is a significant step towards popularising film digitisation using a camera. So, where does this leave our 360 system? In this article, we will unpack this question.

Which is better?

It is tempting to compare our two product lines with the goal of finding a “winner”. Allow us to crush this way of thinking immediately. There is none. A better question would be to ask: which suits your scanning flow better? We fully believe that these products have complimentary niches and do not compete with each other directly.

The easy35 is strictly for 35mm roll film or strips. It is a fool-proof system with standardised components (except for the camera body and macro lens). Results are predictable and reproducible. Because this system is designed for the user from top to bottom, there is a lot less that can go wrong, making it a welcome addition to the market for inexperienced camera scanners. However, we believe that there is still room for improvement. Our team is constantly working on new developments to enhance the features of the easy35 and expand its capabilities. We are currently working on making a slide holder for this system, and perhaps in the future, we will add holders for smaller than 35mm formats.

This does not necessitate the conclusion that the easy35 is an entry-level setup. It is certainly common to pair the easy35 with smaller camera bodies and compact lenses. A good and often recommended example of such a setup would be pairing small mirrorless body with an APS-C sensor with the 7artisans 60mm f/2.8 II macro and the easy35. A benefit of this approach is portability for traveling or when space is limited. It is also a much cheaper option that does not require the pricey and advanced equipment. On the other hand, as demonstrated in our latest Instagram post, you can also pair the easy35 with high-end cameras and lenses, such as a Nikon D850 and a 105mm macro lens, a beautiful combination, if you ask us.

We would like to emphasise that the 360 system is not just a professional version of the easy35. Both of these solutions deliver exceptional, professional results. The real difference between these systems is in their size, multi-format capabilities, and customisability. The 360 system is designed to be modular and flexible, allowing users to accessorise and modify their kit to suit their exact needs. It lends itself to creative solutions and integrations, as well as unlimited configurations. We think of this as our open system where users can choose their own light sources and copy stands or choose from the excellent products in our offering. The parts in our 360 system are user-replaceable and built to last a lifetime. The modularity of this system also allows users to build up their dream setup incrementally. It is easy to upgrade as your needs change, or as technology improves. This truly versatile system combined with our custom series holders can handle any of the following formats:

  • 35mm rolls and strips

  • 35mm slides, and slides, 120 medium format (up to 6x9)

  • APS

  • 110

  • 126

  • 127

  • Minox

The flexible VALOI 360 system and the compact VALOI easy35 system are both powerful tools that can produce professional-grade scans in just a matter of minutes. By combining the high quality of modern digital cameras with the speed of a purpose-designed film holder system, these two systems deliver exceptional results that are sure to impress. Some users prefer one over the other, while some own both. Explore your scanning flow today with VALOI!


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