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VALOI Slide Holder and Basket

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Our Slide Holder and Basket was created specifically for people who have large collections of mounted slides to scan. This two part system was released last year to help people scan slides faster. You will find that while it is possible to get by with only the Slide Holder by placing and picking slides, the Slide Basket speeds up the process tremendously and makes it more efficient. Scanning slides with a camera is actually very straightforward- there is no conversion step, and you get a brilliant file with very little editing. It is beneficial because you get to exploit the superior dynamic range of modern digital cameras to capture more information than old scanners are able to. Finally, you are much quicker scanning slides with a digital camera than with something like a flatbed scanner since the capture is instant.

All you have to do is follow the easy steps below. Watch our YouTube video to see how these two parts work together in a beautiful and simple way:

  1. Attach the Holder Plate on the Adapter and add the light source

  2. Add the Slide Holder to the Holder Plate (or 360 Advancer if not using the CS-Lite and LightAdapter)

  3. The Slide Basket attaches on the side with magnets

  4. Pop in a slide, scan it, add another and push the previous one along the path

  5. The slides will drop neatly into the basket

Slide Holder

A holder (compatible with the VALOI 360 system) for scanning standard mounted slides efficiently and at high quality using a digital camera scanning setup.

The VALOI Slide Holder is:
  • Designed for standard 50x50mm slides (2x2"), including standard 35mm frames, half-frame images

  • Also compatible with "super-slides" (40x40mm frames from 127 film set in normal 50x50mm mounts).

  • Compatible with most types of slides, including most plastic, metal and cardboard mounts.

  • Designed for speed, reducing the number of steps required when scanning slides through it's push-through design rather than a place-and-pick design.

  • Made from durable Nylon

  • Compatible with the VALOI 360 Slide Basket for extra speed and convenience.

  • Can be used with or without the Advancer.

Slide Basket

The VALOI 360 Slide Basket is an accessory for use with the VALOI 360 Slide Holder which allows you to increase efficiency and retain the order in which the slides were fed through. A advantageous outcome if you are scanning an archive that you want to keep in the same order it was put in originally. This accessory is not useable on its own - to use it, you need the Slide Holder. You also need either the VALOI 360 Advancer or LightAdapter for CS-LITE with a Holder Plate

The VALOI 360 Slide Basket is:
  • Designed to catch your slides when they come out of the Slide Holder.

  • Allows you to keep your slides in the same order they were put in, so that the original order of the archive can be kept.

  • Made to help increase your efficiency by keeping all the slides in one neat stack until you are ready to put them away.

  • Designed with ergonomics in mind to help you easily take out the scanned slides.

  • Designed to avoid damage to your slides.

  • Able to hold between 10 and 20 slides before needing to be emptied.

  • Made from high-durability Nylon.

  • Attached to either the Advancer or the Adapter 104 frame with built in magnets.

Note, these products are suitable for standard 50x50mm (2x2") slides - compatible with most plastic, metal and cardboard slides. Note that we do not guarantee that this fits all 50x50mm slides as there are too many in circulation to test them all - the older the slides are, the more likely you will have problems.


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