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Learn to use the easy35

The VALOI easy35 is a film digitising solution for the home that simplifies the process of camera scanning, delivering excellent results with minimal setup. Many of common scanning issues, and speed and quality are built into the design. Save money and get high-quality results.


Scanning with the easy35 is clutter-free and easy with its built-in light source that ensures accurate colours and a bright light for sharp scans.


The VALOI easy35 shades the film from external light, making it possible to scan in broad daylight without reflections causing spots or nasty colour casts.


It has professional-grade film holders that ensure high-quality scans, and it is built to last for years or decades of scanning with durable and stable aluminium tubes. While it is focused on 35mm film, it does have a modular film holder system that allows for different holders like a sprocket holder and a slide scanning holder.

easy35 Video Guide

Watch our three-part series on using the easy35

Video Guide
Most lenses are compatible with the easy35

You need a true macro lens - lenses with zoom functionality are never true macro lenses. Cameras with fixed lenses, such as Leica Q are not compatible.

You will need a lens with a filter thread between 39mm and 67mm. Most lenses will say on the barrel or in front by the thread. If you are unsure, try a Google search or ask us.

The lens must have working distance at 1:1 magnification of 230mm or less. Generally that means a focal length between 50mm and 105mm focal length. Follow the video guide below to learn how to measure working distance.

The lens must be able to focus all the way down to the seize size of a 35mm frame - generally we are talking about 1:1 magnification lenses, meaning the lens can fill the sensor size with the same sized object.

Converting Negatives

A large part of scanning is processing your digital files. Converting negatives is the hardest. You can read about three different pieces of software for converting negatives:

Conveting Negatives

Need to scan medium format?

Read more about our 360 system

Not sure about the easy35 yet?

Watch this video walk-through by Kyle McDougall on using the easy35

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