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VALOI easy35

Available Now!

Camera Scanning Made Easy

Making Camera Scanning Accessible

Our aim with the VALOI 360 system has been to make high-end, modular camera scanning more accessible by providing affordable, reliable tools and education. Our latest product, the VALOI easy35, takes this one step further with a new form factor. The easy35 was released and fully funded on IndieGoGo in April of this year.

We have worked hard on putting this product together, and it is now ready for pre-order! Shipping will start in limited quantities in July 2023.

Easy35_08987_20230315 (1)
Easy35__20230315 (1)
Easy35_prerelease__20230314-2 (1)
Easy35__20230315-2 (1)

Why the easy35?

The easy35 is lightweight and compact, self-contained yet modular, and compatible with most cameras. It delivers professional quality 35mm film scans with only a digital camera and macro lens in a system the size of a water bottle, while requiring no copy stand and very little setup.

Available Now!

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VALOI easy35 Main Kit


easy35 Sprocket Holder


easy35 Duster

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