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VALOI easy35

Available Now!

Camera Scanning Made Easy

Making Camera Scanning Accessible

Our latest product, the VALOI easy35, takes camera scanning more accessible with a new form factor. Instead of a copy stand based approach, the easy35 attaches to the front of your macro lens and has a built in light and replaceable holders.

Easy35_08987_20230315 (1)
Easy35__20230315 (1)
Easy35_prerelease__20230314-2 (1)
Easy35__20230315-2 (1)

Why the easy35?

Scan 35mm film: Rolls, strips and mounted slides

The easy35 is lightweight and compact, self-contained yet modular, and compatible with most cameras. It delivers professional quality 35mm film scans with only a digital camera and macro lens in a system the size of a water bottle, while requiring no copy stand and very little setup.

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VALOI easy35 Main Kit


easy35 Sprocket Holder


easy35 Slide Holder


easy35 Duster

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