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The Essential Copy stand

Written Instructions

The copy stand comes mostly pre-assembled. All you have to do it erect the column, fasten it and add the extension to that if you have purchased this.


Start by locating the side of column that has a thread in the middle. Ensure that there are two spring nuts in the tracks on the end of the thread, as seen in the picture.

Center the column screw on the base length over the pre-drilled hole. Screw the threaded end on the the center screw for the column. Make sure the nuts inserted into the rail face backwards and forwards. The column does not need to be tightened fully at this point.


Use the size 6 allen key (the largest one provided) and tighten the column from the bottom, holding it to stop it from twisting while you tighten it.

Release the metal plates in-front and behind the upright column, using the smallest allen key (size 4). These are used to stabilise and strengthen the upright column. Face them upwards and line the nuts up the hole with the nuts inside the rail on the upright column. Fasten all four screws.


To insert the copy stand head, unscrew the tightning handle on the back of the head a bit, push the handle in to give some space to clear the rail.

Now line up the nut by twisting the handle and push on the spring from the inside with your finger to help it into the groove.


If you have not gotten the stand with the extension, move to the next step.

If you have purchased the extension, insert it the rails from the top with the two connectors facing outwards instead of towards where the camera would be. Tighten the screws from the side, firmly, using the size 5 (middle size) metric key provided. 

Push on the end-cap provided.


Attach the camera to the camera head by twisting the large tripod screw from the back while holding the camera until you are sure it is tight. Make the screw as tight as you can with your fingers. 

The design of the head means that it will not drop even if the adjustment handle is loosened - this avoid damage to your camera. To adjust the head up and down, use one hand to hold onto the head and lift front of the head where the camera is mounted, slightly. This removes pressure from the column and allows you to slide the head up and down.


You now have a new copystand! 
If you run into any issues, have any questions or want to give feedback on the product, please email us at

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